Reflective Product

  • Blink Safe Reflective Earmuffs Winter Hat

    Blink Safe Reflective Earmuffs Winter Hat

    1.The material is polyester with reflective fabric.

    2.The hat has ear protectors.

    3.It’s velvet on the inside to keep you warm.

    4.There’s a buckle around the neck. It’s strong.

    5.It can be worn by both men and women and can be customized to children’s sizes.

  • Reflective Adult Polyester Knitted Hat

    Reflective Adult Polyester Knitted Hat

    1.This is a reflective knitted hat.
    2.The reflective knitted hat is made of  polyester、reflective yarn and super soft Polar fleece.
    3.The crown of the reflective knitted hat uses hexagonal design, more fit the head line.

  • Reflective Polyester Backpack Drawstring Bag 

    Reflective Polyester Backpack Drawstring Bag 

    2.The bag is made of reflective fabric, polyester.
    3.The logo can be custom, like silkscreen printing, heat transfer, sublimation, digital printing.
    4.The bag is reusable, eco-friendly, recyclable.
    5.The bag has the  zipper pocket.
    6.We support customized size and color, welcome your inquiry and order.

  • Reflective Polyester Shopping Bag

    Reflective Polyester Shopping Bag

    1.Reflective shopping bag
    2.The material is 100% polyester.
    3.This shopping bag has a handle for easy carrying .
    4.The bottom of the shopping bag is decorated with black color, which does not look monotonous.
    5.We support customization , welcome to visit us.

  • Reflective Knitted Adult Mitten

    Reflective Knitted Adult Mitten

    1.Knitted mitten
    2.The material is acrylic, polar fleece and reflective yarn.
    3.Gloves fits most people to wear daily.
    4.There is an elastic band on the wrist of the glove to prevent wind from entering.
    5.The designs and colors are available, you can choose the set you like.

  • Reflective Knitted Adult Glove

    Reflective Knitted Adult Glove

    1.Knitted gloves
    2.The material is acrylic and polar fleece and reflective yarn.
    3.The gloves are suitable for most men, women and teens.
    4.The wrist has the elastic band to adjust and fit you wrist, not easy to slip.
    5.The color and logo can be chosed.

  • Reflective Unisex Acrylic Knitted Beanie

    Reflective Unisex Acrylic Knitted Beanie

    1.Reflective Acrylic Beanie.
    2.The material is acrylic and reflective yarn.
    3.The beanie has the round top, single.
    4.All kinds of colors, styles, sizes can be customized.
    5.Hat with reflective yarn, at night by light will become super bright when being shining, light up the darkness.
    6.Our company have a patent on reflective products.

  • Reflective knitted adult scarf 

    Reflective knitted adult scarf 

    1.Reflective scarf
    2.The material is reflective yarn and polar fleece.
    3.The length and color can be customized.
    4.Comfortable and soft material protects your neck from wind in cold winter and provide the warmth .
    5.The scarf provides pleasantly warm temperature for you, keep your face and neck  warm, say goodbye to cold.

  • Reflective Adult Ski Glove

    Reflective Adult Ski Glove

    1.Reflective gloves
    2.The gloves are made of reflective fabric, PU. The cloth is soft and warm, wear it in winter to keep warm.
    3.The multi-color meets needs, and make the glove fashionable.
    4.The logo is support to be customized.
    5.High elasticity, suitable for different sizes.