Launch “FUZHI” WIPO MADRID world brand and get certification since 2019

New high-tech Reflective series product patent since 2017
Launch “FUZHI” WIPO MADRID world brand and get certification since 2019

In Oct,2017 our development department get very important breakthrough in reflective series product.From the raw yarn to finished fabric ,our high-light reflective material arrive stable ,high light reflective function ,comfortable and breathable.We use these material to our outdoor headwear,glove,scarf and clothing area.The product will keep you safe in work and daily uses in darkness.When you check our E-catalogue you can find the function and effetion.In the past Sixteen years we insist research and study the reflective material for supply the high quality ,comfortable ,breathable and easy handle in production process to global market.We had got over 100 patents and win many wards in past sixteen years.Our Independently new series developed products are very popular in the world.Specially our patents high-light reflective series product hot sale in North of European market.Many famous brand build long-term cooperation with us,like H/H,Puma,Disney and so on.Our new patent high-light reflective series products also help many customers open the local market and win the big development.Specially in the COVID-19 period ,We not only supply the new high tech products but also keep the high quality with competitive price to insure our customers through the “cold winter” period.
In 2020 our company launch “FUZHI” world brand and get certification in WIPO MADRID.The “FUZHI” brand core concept is :best service and best quality.We had launch some new series products in European market and get good feedback.We will keep forward and insist our core concept in the future days.Hope more friends can join us and work together soon.
Even now in COVID-19 period time,we will still Remain true to our original aspiration core concept:best service and best quality.In the meantime we will insist develop and do more support for our customers in the future days.

Post time: Oct-29-2021