Is coral blanket harmful to human body

Coral blanket to buy the method, coral blanket harmful to human body? Coral wool blanket is a commonly used bedding home textile products, the surface of the blanket is rich in plush, it is rich in elastic feel plump, now there is a coral wool blanket, is the latest blanket material in China, is also very popular, so what are the methods of buying coral wool blanket?

Is coral blanket harmful to human body

How to buy coral wool blanket

1. Look at the feel

The suede should be soft and comfortable to touch. Obviously, the dyeing and finishing of the fabric is not good, rough feel, no comfort at all.

2, look at the style

The pattern color should be pleasant and pleasing to the eye, and the wool face should be elastic.

3. Look at the size

The size depends on who uses it or what it does. For example, the baby blanket in China is generally 90cm*110cm in size. The size for children is generally 100cm*140cm, and for adults, 150cm*200cm is used. 230cm or longer can be used for tall ones. If coral velvet is used as a sheet, a 1.8m wide blanket can be used for a 1.5m bed; A bed of 1.8 meters wide can be selected.

4, look at the thickness

The thickness should be moderate, the blanket is too thick and too big, cleaning is very difficult; Too thin to keep warm. Want to use double layer add thick commonly in winter, in air conditioning room, late spring or early autumn can use single layer double-sided hair.

5, look at the quality of the work

Good workmanship quality in addition to feel soft, sewing is strong, the edge should be neat, blanket surface should be clean, intact, do not drop hair!

How to clean coral wool blankets

Don’t use the washing machine to dry the blanket, but squeeze it dry by hand. Blanket is given priority to with shade dry, can hold to the appearance of blanket more so, also do not lose wool easily, colour and lustre is bright. If you want to make your blanket feel smoother after washing, add about one or two white vinegar to your final wash to make it look brighter.

Post time: Feb-12-2022