How to clean a new coral wool blanket?

How to clean a new coral wool blanket? Most consumers don’t know exactly how to wash a coral wool blanket when they take it home. Here, the customer service of chaoyuan knitting factory makes a specific summary of the problem of how to wash the blanket, so that friends who bought the blanket know how to wash the common sense of the blanket.

How to clean a new coral wool blanket?

First of all, when it comes to the right way to wash your blanket, you need to be clear about the quality of the blanket you are buying. Different quality of blanket cleaning methods are different. We can roughly classify the quality of blankets into two categories according to the ones commonly sold in the market. One kind is pure wool blanket, one kind is coral wool blanket. How to wash these two kinds of blankets is different. The first one. How to wash pure wool blankets: Wool blankets cannot be washed in a washing machine. Wool blankets can be damaged by the high-speed twisting of the washing machine.

Wool blanket after washing is easily deformed. So, just a hand wash might go to the dry cleaner. Soak woolen blankets in cold water for a while before washing them. Then remove the blanket, quietly squeeze out the water and rub it with soap. Do not wring the blanket dry, squeeze it out with your hands. Otherwise, the blanket will easily deform. Finally, keep your blankets dry and away from the sun, which can harden them, cause them to lose their shape, and cause them to lose their hair. How to wash wool blankets is about paying attention to these problems. The second. Coral pile blankets, which can be washed in a washing machine. But you don’t have to add bubbles. It is most suitable to use cold water of about 20 degrees. Of course, hand washing is better, and a coral blanket can be washed in much the same way as a wool blanket. If be to clean with washing machine, remember not to hold dry directly with washing machine. You take it out and squeeze it dry with your hands. Blanket is given priority to with shade dry, can hold to the appearance of blanket more so, also lose hair not easily.

Next, if want to let blanket after washing more shun, can be cleaned in the end, attend about one or two white vinegar, so can make the blanket after washing looks more gorgeous. Finally, it is important to remember that no matter what kind of blanket you are wearing, do not use boiling water. Boiling water will not only distort the blanket, but also cause it to lose its wool. The above is a summary of how to wash the blankets accurately, I hope you read it, to help you wash the blankets!

Post time: Feb-12-2022