Coral blanket Is it hot to cover in summer Coral blanket can be washed in the washing machine

Is the coral blanket hot in summer? Can the coral blanket be washed in the washing machine? Many users will find the surface of the coral blanket fluffy and warm. In the cold winter months, many users will use coral velvet sheets and coral velvet covers. This will not feel very cold when just into the quilt.

Many users assume that a coral blanket is not suitable for summer. But that’s not the case.

Coral wool blanket is made of polyester, and the coral wool blanket is relatively light and breathable. It’s cooler in summer.

And the coral wool blanket feel is better, when the use of comfort is relatively high. So it is very popular with consumers.

There are thin and thick coral pile blankets on the market. When using thinner coral pile blankets in summer, it will not feel sultry and comfortable to use. Or more suitable for summer use.

Coral blanket Is it hot to cover in summer Coral blanket can be washed in the washing machine

Is the coral blanket machine washable?

Coral wool blankets are light to use, but they can become heavy when exposed to water, and can be very messy when washed by hand. So many users will want to just throw the coral blanket in the washing machine. But some users are concerned that washing their coral blankets in a washing machine could damage them. The following small series will introduce whether the coral wool blanket can be washed by a washing machine.

Due to the large volume of coral blanket, it is relatively laborious to clean it, so many users will use the washing machine when cleaning the coral blanket.

Coral blankets are actually totally machine washable. Coral velvet texture is relatively soft and does not lose the hair does not fade or ball. It also won’t damage the blanket in machine washing. If you are worried about the coral pile hardening after machine washing, you can use some of the conditioner to restore the softness of the blanket during washing.

Coral blanket washing machine when using water temperature below 30 degrees, washing machine using weak washing cleaning method. In addition to the use of detergent to choose neutral detergent.

Is coral wool blanket expensive?

There are many brands of coral wool blankets on the market. Because there are more brands of coral velvet, and there are more coral velvet blankets of different sizes and thickness. So the price of coral wool blankets on the market is also more chaotic.

The price of coral wool blanket is not expensive, the price of coral wool blanket in the general market is about 40-200 yuan.

The price of coral wool blanket within 100 yuan on the Internet is more. There are also relatively cheap coral wool blankets on the market, the market price is about 20-40 yuan.

In addition, the price of coral wool blankets of different sizes will also be different. Generally the same coral wool blanket size is about small price is relatively cheaper.

Different thickness of the coral wool blanket market price also has a certain difference. The general autumn and winter season used relatively thick coral wool blanket price will be more expensive. Thinner coral wool blankets used in summer can be cheaper.

Post time: Feb-12-2022