Baseball caps that can be used all seasons, simple design but fashionable sense, wearing and not wearing really a lot of difference

Really understand fashion wear take miss sisters in the process of wear take besides is very good at clothes matching, also is very good at using reasonable accessories, especially the hat, this is the female stars in the street collocation is indispensable one of the reasons for a hat, hat looks simple, but the effect is very important.

Today, we will introduce a street with a holy product — a few ways to match baseball caps. Baseball caps that can be used all seasons, simple design but fashionable sense, wearing and not wearing really a lot of difference.

Baseball cap + coat

In autumn and winter, coat and down jacket are basically necessary items for street matching, especially coat, which can not only give a neat feeling but also effectively avoid the thick and bloated feeling of down jacket. The coat with neat feeling on the body and a simple basic color baseball cap on the head are low-key and eye-catching.

If you are not very good at color, you can try a very simple way of matching the same color to present a sense of visual harmony. For example, you can use a basic black coat to match the same basic black baseball cap. The whole black combination presents a cool matching effect. Even sweet girls can instantly wear a feeling of walking hormones.

Thermal performance of the coat is a little less than down jacket, so wear a suit to the relatively warm weather region, on the head with a simple low-key baseball cap, joker sex and practicality is very strong, coat and a baseball cap combination often long hair will be more useful, whether it’s a long straight hair or curly hair can present a chic woman flavour.

Baseball cap + suit

Relative to the combination of a baseball cap and coat, baseball caps and suit the combination of some look will be more suitable for the workplace, the tie-in way the workplace atmosphere feeling stronger, if wear take on informal occasions you can use more baggy suit jacket to go with a baseball cap, instantly turns into a lovely cool girl.

Baseball cap + leather coat

If you compare Europe and the United States, the collocation of style in collocation can try leather baseball cap, agile and with a sense of cool leather coat collocation based black baseball cap looks simple, easy and harmonious, when choosing leather need to pay attention to the appropriate firmness, generally speaking the fabrics of leather elasticity is not very good, so need to choose appropriate when wearing a loose style, Used to give a sense of space.

Baseball cap + sports clothes

Miss like sports comfortable style collocation of sisters can try baseball cap and the collocation of clothing style, this way of collocation can present a very strong movement girl feeling, baseball cap itself except to concave shape, also can have very good highlight young feeling and girls feeling collocation effect, and the motion of the wind dress up and bring out the best in each other.

When using sports clothes with baseball caps, we need to pay attention not to be too bright. Generally speaking, the role of baseball caps is to decorate and decorate, and can not choose too bright colors. The more low-key and simple basic colors can present a sense of visual harmony in the overall collocation.

Basic is the easiest way to get the color fastens with color collocation, dressed in grey fleece head on collocation fastens with color baseball cap, the harmony degree on the colour collocation is very high, low and able to bear or endure look, rice white fleece brown baseball cap on collocation, though not the same as color is tie-in, but the depth of color way is rich color and can match the vigor of girls.

Baseball cap + shirt

Baseball caps are all the year round can bold use item deserve to act the role of sex, except in the autumn and winter can match down jacket and coat, can also be used to match in the spring and summer season shirt or dress, blue shirts with big red bag to wear out of a sense of colours, head of the red baseball cap and body bag color is consistent, to bump color collocation is bright eye and do not break the harmonious sex.

Want to wear fashionable beautiful beautiful word, besides the rationality that should know dress collocation goes up, know to deserve to act the role of to promote the rich feeling on integral modelling even.

Post time: Feb-12-2022